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Summary: The octameric exocyst complex is implicated in vesicle tethering during exocytosis. Recent works from different fields have revealed its role beyond membrane trafficking.


Summary: This Commentary explains how tropomyosin isoforms determine the function of individual actin filaments in the cytoskeleton, and their subsequent use in directing cell structure and function.


Highlighted Article: BUB1 forms a platform for targeting spindle assembly checkpoint proteins to unattached kinetochores. It is shown here that the recruitment of CDC20 is crucial for the role of BUB1 in the spindle assembly checkpoint.

Summary: Basal cell and endothelial cell crosstalk might play a substantial role in maintaining normal airway structure, with alteration of this crosstalk contributing towards smoking-dependent airway remodeling.

Summary: NOX function is involved in the establishment of neuronal polarity.


Highlighted Article: The small GTPase Rab23 mediates the transport of the kinesin-2 motor Kif17 to the primary cilium by interacting with it and its adaptor importin β2.

Summary: Progenitor cells can make robust commitment decisions in the face of conflicting cues by modulating the expression levels of lineage-specific receptors.

Highlighted Article: PrP modulates β1 integrin adhesion and migration of monocytes through RhoA-induced actin remodeling mediated by cofilin and through the regulation of ERM-mediated membrane–cytoskeleton linkage.

Summary: The zebrafish splicing regulator rbfox1 is necessary for tightly regulated splicing and unconstrained cardiac function, making it an interesting candidate for targeting during human cardiomyopathy.

Highlighted Article: The Rho-GEF Trio controls the stability of endothelial cell–cell junctions by locally activating the GTPase Rac1 at VE-cadherin-based junctions. Loss of Trio increases focal adherens junctions and electrical resistance.

Summary: The homeobox gene DLX4 promotes megakaryocyte development at the expense of erythroid generation by inducing IL-1 and NF-κB signaling.

Highlighted Article: Rab39a GTPase participates in the delivery of MVBs and host lipids to maturing chlamydial inclusions, thereby promoting inclusion growth and bacterial development.

Summary: Cezanne regulates HIF2α levels and activity by modulating expression of the HIF2α gene through regulation of E2F1 protein levels. Cezanne depletion impairs normal cell cycle progression and increases cell death.

Summary: Combinatorial treatment with Aza+TSA reduces inflammation and promotes an anti-inflammatory M2 macrophage phenotype in ALI, and has a therapeutic potential for patients with sepsis and ALI.

Summary: A new regulatory pathway whereby paxillin mediates the expression of two growth-related genes, IGF2 and H19, is presented, uncovering a role for paxillin in cell proliferation.

Summary:Trypanosoma brucei FLAM3 is a flagellar FAZ protein. Its depletion leads to a reduction in FAZ length, which has different consequences depending on the life cycle stage of the parasite.

Summary: Clathtin and AP-1 are required for the retrograde transport of cholera toxin from recycling endosomes to the Golgi complex.

Summary: Intracellular Orai1 trafficking to the plasma membrane in response to Ca2+ store depletion modulates store-operated Ca2+ entry influx through a ‘trafficking trap’ mechanism that depends on STIM1 expression levels.

Summary: A new dispensable site in the Kv7.2 channel affects its regulation by CaM, such that its function can be rescued by CaM when one of the other two CaM-interaction sites is impaired.


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