A method of silver staining for paraffin sections has been described. Sections should be fixed in either Nonidez fixative, 4% formaldehyde, or 4% formaldehyde saturated with mercuric chloride. The sections are impregnated for 16 hours in 1/20,000 silver nitrate at pH 8 or 9 and developed in a glycine physical developer after the reducible silver has been removed with a 2% solution of sodium sulphite. The effect of pH on impregnation has been described. A spectrum of staining was obtained in which nerve fibres began to stain appreciably at pH 7, cell nuclei at pH 8, cell cytoplasm at pH 9, and connective tissue at higher pH values. Therefore, impregnation should be carried out at pH 8 to obtain a good staining of nerve fibres and at pH 9 if some staining of cell bodies is also required.

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