The motor neurones of Locusta migratoria have the following inclusions in their cytoplasm:

(a) granular and filamentous mitochondria;

(b) lipochondria of various sizes. These are osmiophil and sudanophil. They also segregate neutral-red and other vital dyes. These ‘neutral-red bodies’ are shown not to be new formations in the cells, as was believed by Beams and King. The lipochondria may perhaps be homogeneous bodies, though in fixed preparations and also in life they sometimes appear to have a cortex and medulla. The osmiophil platelets and the straight and curved rods are shown to be artifact appearances caused by the action of Golgi techniques on the lipochondria, &c.;

(c) irregular vacuoles of various sizes;

(d) yellow globules in some neurones, especially from old locusts.

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