In Ephemera (Ephemeroptera), Dictyopterygella and Isoperla (Plecoptera), Periplaneta and Blaberus (Dictyoptera), Forficula (Dermaptera), and Dytiscus (Coleoptera) there is a pair of stretch receptors on each side in the dorsal region of most abdominal segments. Each receptor consists of a connective-tissue strand to which is attached a single sensory neuron. One member of each pair is approximately longitudinal and the other approximately vertical in orientation.

In Sialis (Neuroptera-Megaloptera) the longitudinal receptor consists of a musclefibre and a neuron; the vertical receptor consists of a neuron with one or two long processes. Connective-tissue fibres are absent from both receptors.

In Limnophilus and Phryganea (Trichoptera) there is a longitudinal receptor only. It consists of a muscle-fibre to which is attached a tube of connective tissue containing the dendrites of the sensory neuron. The caddis receptor resembles closely the lepidopteran receptor.

No abdominal stretch receptors could be found in Rhodnius or Nepa (Hemiptera-Heteroptera), and in Schistocerca and Locusta (Orthoptera) no vertical receptors could be found.

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