1. The parachordal of Salmo fario was not observed to chondrify in two separate portions, anterior and posterior.

2. No separate pole cartilages were found.

3. The first part of the auditory capsule to arise is in the region where the hyomandibula will become attached to it.

4. The hyomandibula, symplectic, and ceratohyal arise as separate cartilages.

5. The hypohyals, basihyal, and copula arise as separate cartilages.

6. The ceratobranchials, hypobranchials, epibranchials, and pharyngobranchials (at least the anterior) arise as separate cartilages.

7. The lateral commissure is formed from the post-palatine process, the prootic process, and cartilage representing the basitrabecular process.

8. The taenia marginalis (or orbital cartilage) arises separately.

9. Rudimentary basal and otic processes are carried on the pterygo-quadrate.

10. The olfactory nerve comes to traverse the orbit as a result of the relative forward displacement of the lamina orbitonasalis.

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