Pressure microinjection is frequently used to introduce substances into mammalian cells, but precise quantitation of the volume injected into individual cells has been difficult. A simple and reliable procedure for determining the volume injected was developed in order to determine what intracellular concentration of AMP-PNP was necessary to inhibit specific cellular processes. The technique uses fluorescent Lucifer Yellow-labeled dextrans in the microinjection buffer and quantitative fluorescence microscopy to measure the fluorescence intensity of the injected cell. The volume injected is computed from a standard curve derived from the volume and fluorescence of spherical, microscopic droplets of Lucifer Yellow dextran solution. The droplets are ejected from a micropipet into immersion oil where they sink to rest on a siliconized coverslip. For the measurement of fluorescence, an inexpensive photomultiplier system that is attached to a fluorescence microscope is described. The potential uses of this method for other microassays are discussed.

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