The detergent-insoluble T. brucei cytoskeleton consists of several morphologically distinct regions and organelles, many of which are detectable only by electron microscopy. We have produced a set of monoclonal antibodies that define each structural component of this highly ordered cytoskeleton. The monoclonal antibodies were selected by cloning of hybridomas produced from mice injected with complex mixtures of proteins of either the cytoskeleton itself or salt extracts thereof. Four antibodies define particular tubulin isotypes and locate the microtubules of the axoneme and sub-pellicular array; two antibodies recognize the flagellum attachment zone; one recognizes the paraflagellar rod and another the basal bodies. Finally, one antibody defines a detergent-insoluble component of the nucleus. The antigens detected by each monoclonal antibody have been analysed by immunofluorescence microscopy, immunogold electron microscopy and Western blotting.

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