An ultrastructural study was performed on the sex chromosomes (male X1X2X3O) during the spermatogenesis of Tegenaria domestica (Arachnida, Agelenidae). This study was carried out using random and serially cut sections. During pachytene and diplotene the three X chromosomes are longitudinally paired. Each of these consists of a central core of condensed chromatin, surrounded by a field of dense chromatin projections through which the chromosomes are in contact with one another. These projections may be responsible for the recognition and pairing of the sex chromosomes and in some way participate in their non-disjunction during anaphase I. A study of the structure and behaviour of the sex chromosomes during spermatogenesis is also presented. The available information on non-synaptonemal complex-mediated chromosome pairing and a systematization of sex chromosome structure in spiders are discussed.

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