The ultrastructure of freeze-substituted tip cells of Fusarium acuminatum was analysed by conventional and high-voltage transmission electron microscopy (HVEM). At least 2 morphologically distinct types of Golgi-like endomembrane cisternae were observed, each existing as single, fenestrated sheets and tubular elements that were often very closely associated with mitochondria. From HVEM observations of thick (0.25 and 0.5 micron) sections, the Spitzenkorper appeared to correspond to an apical mass of vesicles. A network of microfilaments was identified among component vesicles of the Spitzenkorper and adjacent to developing septa. Microtubules were oriented primarily parallel to the direction of hyphal growth and were located in all areas of the cytoplasm, including the tip cell apex. Cytoplasmic vesicles were closely associated with these microtubules. From these observations it is suggested that cytoskeletal elements play important roles in localized cell wall formation. The filasome, a previously unreported type of coated vesicle in fungi, might also be involved in wall synthesis.

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