The uptake of tritiated thymine into cells of a heterogeneous population of Prorocentrum micans was investigated using light-microscope and electron-microscope autoradiography. Specificity of thymine uptake into DNA was demonstrated by the specific removal of label from wax-embedded material using DNase and by the high degree of localization of nuclear label to chromosomes in the electron-microscope autoradiographs. All nuclei, including both dividing and non-dividing cells, showed a substantial uptake of label, indicating that nuclear DNA synthesis in Prorocentrum micans is a continuous process. The level of DNA synthesis does show considerable variation, however, with very high levels in some interphase nuclei. The continuous replication of nuclear DNA provides further evidence of dinoflagellate affinity to the prokaryotes, and indicates that Prorocentrum micans is a very primitive eukaryote cell.

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