An apparatus is described by means of which the power versus frequency spectrum of the photomultiplier current can be obtained for laser light scattered by streaming cytoplasm in the algal cell Chara corallina. A Doppler peak is noted in the spectrum which is abolished when cytoplasmic streaming is arrested by electrical stimulation. For 5 cells of Chara, this simple laser-Doppler velocimeter gave streaming velocities (46-7 mum s-1, S.D. +/− 4–8 at 20 degrees C) similar to those obtained for the same cells using the light microscope (44-3 mum s-1, S.D. +/− 5-3 at 20 degrees C). A narrow distribution of streaming velocities is indicated. The technique described provides a rapid, quantitative assay of the in vivo rheological properties of cytoplasm.

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