There are potential issues in J. Cell Sci. (2007) 120, 3700-3712 (doi:10.1242/jcs.03484).

A duplication of the control blots in Figs 2A and 4A and an area of possible overlap between the PID/Control panel in Fig. 6C and the NFκB p65/Control panel in Fig. S3A were highlighted to us via the PubPeer website.

The authors have been able to retrieve the original blots for Figs 2A and 4A, showing that they were run on the same gel with a single shared control lane, which is shown in both figures.

However, given the time that has passed, and despite searching for the original images, the original data for Fig. 6 and Fig. S3 could not be found. Without the original data for Fig. 6 and Fig. S3 it is difficult to determine how the issues arose, so the journal is publishing this note to make readers aware of the potential duplications.