2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Labs and offices were closed, Zoom meetings abounded, and health and medical services were stretched to their limits. While we all struggled to learn new ways of working, Journal of Cell Science put in place measures to help our authors with their revisions as much as we could – we extended revision deadlines, reminded reviewers to limit requests for experimental revisions, and reinforced our scoop protection policy – you can read more about those measures here. We thank all of our authors for considering and trusting Journal of Cell Science as the platform for their valuable work in 2020. To give them guidance when handling these manuscripts, our Editors of course turn to peer reviewers, who continued to give generously of their time and expertise to help us maintain the high standards of the journal. We appreciate how much time and effort goes in to writing a good peer review that is helpful to both the editors in making decisions and the authors in revising their manuscripts – so we extend our sincere thanks for the insightful and scholarly guidance offered by our reviewers and, of course, their co-reviewers. We are pleased to publicly acknowledge all the reviewers and co-reviewers who completed reviews of Journal of Cell Science manuscripts in 2020 – the full list of their names can be found in the (supplementary information.

Supplementary information