Journal of Cell Science (JCS) is delighted to announce the launch of FocalPlane – a community site for anyone with an interest in microscopy. JCS has a rich history founded on microscopy. In fact, the journal was established in 1853 as Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science and only acquired its current name in 1966. Trawling through the archives, all of which are free to access, reveals a trove of microscopical treasures, many with hand-drawn illustrations. Through the years, we have published myriad articles featuring many different aspects of microscopy but we haven't fully embraced our origins – until now.

Microscopy is currently enjoying a golden era owing to technical advances and innovations in hardware and image analysis. Microscopy now features heavily in most aspects of cell biology research but finding useful, relevant information in one place is difficult. Thus, we knew that the time was right to create a curated and trusted space to connect people, resources and information, and foster discussions and collaborations. You can read more about the origins of FocalPlane here.

What can you expect from FocalPlane? Overseen by Community Manager Christos Kyprianou, there will be discussions on all aspects of microscopy, including case studies, how-to articles, tools and imaging ethics. There will be interviews, an education zone, job listings and an events calendar. You can find out about the FocalPlane Journal Club, post a striking image or just browse the image gallery, find a useful resource or tell the community about one you know. You will also be able to keep up with microscopy-related preprints from our preLights site and even link out to The Node, our sister community site for developmental biologists. And here, at JCS, we will make sure that you're aware of relevant papers, interviews and other content published in the journal, as well as the other journals published by The Company of Biologists.

What will FocalPlane expect from you? Only to remember that it's your site. We've set it up for you to read, post, comment and, most importantly, connect. This is a community site and we want you to feel at home. Christos will be following the trends and looking for new and interesting stories, and people to write them. He is the person to contact if you have questions, feedback or just want to throw out an idea. Don't forget that you can sign up for news about the site and get a weekly alert about new content. But feel free to jump in – once you've registered you don't need permission to post, there is no minimum or maximum length for anything you want to write, and Christos is keen to hear suggestions if you don't see something on the site that you would find useful.

FocalPlane is open, and we can't wait to see you there. Welcome home.