Aequorea victoria's secretsby Lambert et al.

‘Far beyond your average(Av)GFP - Aequorea victoria's secret fluorophores revealed’. The Shaner Lab uncovers several new fluorophores from A. victoria and A. australis - including the brightest GFP homolog yet!

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Probing the Subcellular Distribution of Phosphatidylinositol Reveals a Surprising Lack at the Plasma Membraneby Zewe et al.


Defining the Subcellular Distribution and Metabolic Channeling of Phosphatidylinositolby Pemberton et al.

It's time to rethink how some lipids are distributed inside cells. Brand new molecular probes made by two labs show that phosphatidylinositol gets around more than we realise.

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Contractile acto-myosin network on nuclear envelope remnants positions human chromosomes for mitosisby Booth et al.

A little help from my friends: actin and myosin corral mitotic chromosomes so microtubules can find them.

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Negative Regulation of Autophagy by UBA6-BIRC6–Mediated Ubiquitination of LC3by Jia & Bonifacino

Putting the brakes on autophagy by monoubiquitination of LC3-I.

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Pulmonary natural killer cells control neutrophil intravascular motility and response to acute inflammationby Secklehner et al.

Peering into the lung: NK cells control neutrophil motility and response to infection.

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Ran GTPase regulates non-centrosomal microtubule nucleation and is transported by actin waves towards the neurite tipby Huang et al.

On the Ran: the small GTPase Ran promotes non-centrosomal microtubule nucleation in neurons and is transported to the neurite tip by actin waves.

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Receptor-specific interactome as a hub for rapid cue-induced selective translation in axonsby Koppers et al.

Coupling of guidance cue receptors with specific mRNA/ribosome complexes assures rapid selective protein synthesis upon cue stimulation in axonal growth cones.

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Assembly of a persistent apical actin network by the formin Frl/Fmnl tunes epithelial cell deformabilityby Dehapiot et al.

Formin' the right shape: The formin Frl/Fmn1 modulates a persistent actin network that tunes epithelial cell deformations and enables the propagation of contractile forces to direct tissue-scale morphogenesis.

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PP1 and PP2A use opposite phospho-dependencies to control distinct processes at thekinetochoreby Smith et al.

How do highly similar phosphatases achieve functional specificity? The motifs recruiting them reveal more than you'd expect!

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Rab11b-mediated integrin recycling promotes brain metastatic adaptation and outgrowthby Howe et al.

How do breast cancer cells adapt to the brain microenvironment during metastasis? This recent preprint provides new insights into the role of Rab11b-mediated endosomal recycling.

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TGFβ restricts T cell function and bacterial control within the tuberculous granulomaby Gern et al.

TGF-β: the ugly black duckling that hampers local T cell function in tuberculosis.

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Multi-scale spatial heterogeneity enhances particle clearance in airway ciliary arraysby Ramirez-San Juan et al.

Teamwork for airway protection: millions of cilia within patches of multi-ciliated cells populating the airway generate directed flows clearing particles. Their heterogeneity across length-scales is key for optimal airway clearance.

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Injury stimulates stem cells to resist radiation-induced apoptosisby Shiroor et al.

Ouch! Injury protects planarian stem cell populations from radiation-induced death.

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Identification of a master regulator of differentiation in Toxoplasmaby Waldman et al.

This preprint uncovers a new master regulator of differentiation in Toxoplasma, and provides key findings in understanding how these parasites establish chronic infections.

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Regional heterogeneity of early GABAergic interneuron excitation in vivoby Murata & Colonnese

Paradoxical excitatory effect of GABAergic inhibitory neurons early in development is not universal.

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Elucidating the molecular determinants of Aβ aggregation with deep mutational scanningby Gray et al.

Deep mutational scanning reveals the relationships between sequence, structure, and aggregation of the amyloid beta peptide important for the development of Alzheimer's disease.

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The effect of bioRxiv preprints on citations and altmetricsby Fraser et al.

Get cited! Further #PowerToThePreprint: Preprints offer more advantages than just early access.

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