Mitotic exit is controlled during anaphase by an Aurora B-Cyclin B1/Cdk1 crosstalkby Afonso et al.

The clock and the ruler: key kinases track anaphase in space and time to regulate the timing of mitotic exit.

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Actin chromobody imaging reveals sub-organellar actin dynamicsby Schiavon et al.

Nanobody technology allows live imaging of sub-organellar actin dynamics at previously unachieved temporal and spatial resolution, and exploring its relevance for organelle fission.

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Oncogenic signaling alters cell shape and mechanics to facilitate cell division under confinementby Matthews et al.

Cancer cells know when to be stiff.

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3D microenvironment stiffness regulates tumor spheroid growth and mechanics via p21 and ROCKby Taubenberger et al.

Tuning and probing the stiffness of 3D microenvironments for interrogating its mechanical impact on tumour spheroid growth.

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Snail induces epithelial cell extrusion through transcriptional control of RhoA contractile signaling and cell matrix adhesionby Wee et al.

Contract, de-adhere and extrude.

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Tousled-like kinase activity is required for transcriptional silencing and suppression of innate immune signallingby Segura-Bayona et al.

Tousled-like kinase activity - an intricate connection between heterochromatin assembly, genome instability and innate immune responses.

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Intravital optoacoustic ultrasound bio-microscopy reveals radiation-inhibited skull angiogenesisby Estrada et al.

Shedding light on skull and cerebral vascular changes: optoacoustic ultrasound bio-imaging shows irradiation effects on angiogenesis inhibition.

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WASP restricts active Rac to maintain cells' front-rear polarisationby Amato et al.

WASP controlled by Rac1: Yes and No!

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Shake-it-off: A simple ultrasonic cryo-EM specimen preparation deviceby Rubinstein et al.

Self-wicking grids allow millisecond sample preparation of microlitre samples for CryoEM.

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A large-scale resource for tissue-specific CRISPR mutagenesis in Drosophilaby Port et al.

Bringing CRISPR to the masses: New tools for in vivo genome editing in flies.

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AGO1x prevents dsRNA-induced interferon signaling to promote breast cancer cell proliferationby Ghosh et al.

When do stop signs become optional? Ghosh et al. report an important role for an AGO1 isoform generated by translational readthrough.

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Co-reviewing and ghostwriting by early career researchers in the peer review of manuscriptsby McDowell et al.

Ghost in the machine: widespread uncredited participation by early career researchers in peer review raises ethical flags, but provides opportunities for change.

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