There was an error published in J. Cell Sci.126, 1454-1463.

Equal contributions of the two last authors should have been indicated in the Author contributions section. The complete Author contributions section is given below.

We apologise to the readers for any confusion that this error might have caused.

Author contributions

L.K.N., M.A.S.C., C.C.S., S.F.F., U.B., E.P.C., M.M.T., M.C.M. and A.C. performed the experiments; L.K.N., M.A.S.C. and A.C. analyzed the results and made the figures; L.K.N., M.A.S.C., B.K.N., C.T.T. and A.C. designed the experiments; L.K.N., M.A.S.C., C.T.T. and A.C. wrote the manuscript. C.T.T. and A.C. contributed equally to this work.