There were errors published in J. Cell Sci.121, 3459–3467.

In Fig. 3B, a western blot showing the total input protein for the immunoprecipitation was not shown. The corrected figure with total protein levels identified is as shown below. An equal amount of total cell-derived protein were used to assess the interaction of FAK with paxillin (PAX) and vimentin (VIM).

In Fig. 4C, the western blotting images for the panels showing CCN2 and α-SMA were of poor quality. The corrected figure with high-quality images is shown below.

In Fig. 7B, the immunoprecipitation experiment for activated Rac was presented without control western blots showing total input protein and total level of Rac protein in the samples. The corrected figure is as shown below.

The authors apologise to the readers for any confusion that these errors might have caused.