There were two errors published in the online version of J. Cell Sci.124, 1183-1193. The print version is correct.

On page 1184 the single heading should have been two separate headings, ‘RhoGTPases’ being a subheading as in the following:

Mechanisms for integrating adhesive signals


On page 1185, ‘diaphanous (Dia)’ in the last sentence in the left column has been misspelled ‘diaphamous Dia’. The correct sentence reads:

Rho signaling through diaphanous (Dia) reorganizes the actin cytoskeleton to stabilize adherens junctions, whereas Rho-kinase (ROCK) is thought to disrupt cell–cell junctions by activating actomyosin contractility to excess (Sahai and Marshall, 2002).

We apologise for these mistakes.