There was an error published in the first e-press version of the article published in J. Cell Sci. 122, 3113-3122.

On p. 3115, the sentence beginning `However, we found no significant difference between...' should read: However, we found no significant difference between the levels of endogenous β-catenin in COS-7 cells expressing either RFP-GST or RFP-GST-APC-M (data not shown).

On p. 3116, the sentence beginning `To investigate whether axin...' should read: To investigate whether axin mediated the interaction between APC and Nup358, we performed Nup358 immunoprecipitation from HT29, a colorectal cancer cell line that expresses a truncated APC protein that retains amino acids 1-1555 (containing part of APC-M but lacking all axin-binding domains).

Both the published print and online versions of this article are correct.

We apologise to the authors and readers for these mistakes.