There was an error published in J. Cell Sci. 120, 3228-3237.

We apologise for an error that occurred in the e-press version of this article. The print and online version of this article are correct.

The last sentence of the first paragraph of the section `Post-tetanic potentiation at C1-B2 synapses requires phosphorylation of synapsin domain A', is incorrect.

The correct sentence is shown below.

A statistical comparison of these four groups using two-way ANOVA for repeated measures revealed a significant effect of the treatment, i.e. the overexpression of the different proteins, (F(3,54)=3.26; P<0.03) and a significant treatment × time interaction (F(15,270)=2.71; P<0.001) for 2 minutes after tetanus (Fig. 4B).