Rezgaoui, M., Süsens, U., Ignatov, A., Gelderblom, M., Glassmeier, G., Franke, I., Urny, J., Imai, Y., Takahashi, R. and Schaller, H. C. (2006). The neuropeptide head activator is a high-affinity ligand for the orphan G-protein-coupled receptor GPR37. J. Cell Sci.119, 542-549.

We apologise for an error in the second paragraph of the introduction, which read influx of K+ rather than efflux of K+. The correct sentence should read: The increase in intracellular Ca2+ then triggers efflux of K+ through a Ca2+-activated K+ channel, leading to hyperpolarisation, which is an absolute requirement for entry into mitosis (Kayser et al., 1998).

The error appeared in both the print and online versions of this article.