No, not a cell biological prayer, just a way of ensuring cell division is not disastrous. Cells must coordinate mitosis and cytokinesis to ensure that complete copies of the genome are successfully passed on to their daughters. Studies of budding and fission yeast have uncovered the signalling networks behind this. In fission yeast, this is termed the septum initiation network (SIN). Budding yeast has a related network, the mitotic exit network (MEN), which is supplemented by two other networks: the FEAR and AMEN. In a Commentary on p. 4263, Viesturs Simanis compares and contrasts the MEN and SIN, both of which are centred on Ras-family GTPases that activate kinase cascades. He also provides an overview of them in Cell Science at a Glance for those of us praying for a way to keep track of the numerous signalling molecules involved (see p. 4261 + poster).