We are sorry to announce the resignation of Rick Horwitz as an Editor of Journal of Cell Science. Rick's departure is necessitated by a new leadership role in an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional consortium focused on research into cell migration. The new consortium will bring together investigators with a variety of backgrounds - from cell biology to optical physics and mathematical modelling - with the goal of elucidating the complex mechanisms underlying migration of eukaryotic cells. We wish Rick every success in this new endeavour and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his tireless work on behalf of JCS over the past four years - it is not every cell biologist who can juggle the demands of running a big lab and a seemingly never-ending flow of submitted manuscripts. Although no longer an Editor of the journal, Rick will continue to be an active member of our Editorial Board.

Rick Horwitz's departure prompted a search for an Editor to succeed him, and we are very pleased to announce that Rick Assoian has agreed to fill the position. Rick is currently Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania and for a number of years has been at the forefront of research into adhesion-dependent signalling and cell cycle control. He brings a wealth of cell biological expertise to the journal, having earlier in his career worked on both insulin metabolism and later TGFβ signalling. Indeed, while at the National Cancer Institute, Rick reported the isolation and purification of TGFβ from human platelets. Rick has been a regular reviewer for JCS for several years now. As an Editor, he will primarily handle research articles relating to growth factor and integrin signalling and the regulation of cell proliferation. On behalf of all the Editors and staff at JCS, we welcome Rick to the journal and look forward to working with him.