Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting (2(nd) Edition) edited by Andreas Radbruch Springer-Verlag (2000) pp. 355. ISBN 3–540-65630-8 pound51. 50 $89.95 This book represents a completely new structured and enlarged second edition (first edition, 1992), updating carefully the new developments in the field of flow cytometry during recent years. Really, it makes a useful laboratory manual, with many instructive protocols for practical work and precise introductions to basics and preparation techniques, as well as advanced technologies concerning cellular proliferation, activation and cell sorting (p. 195); new developments such as multiparameter analyses, new fluorochromes and rare event sorting (p. 255) are demonstrated. It is well structured into short but precise introductions, useful protocols, material sources and short ‘troubleshooting’ chapters, for when things are not going as they should do; there are chapters on immunofluorescence, DNA and cellular proliferation, cellular activation and biochemistry, cell sorting and laser safety. It also includes recent links to the internet (p. 347) and opens up the field to modern communication, a platform that is very active in this field of research. The cell biologist or pathologist who uses flow cytometry as a tool for their research and the professional flow cytometrist who lives beside his/her machine will find this book of great value. All the authors are well known experts in their speciality and the editors did a very good job to bring them to such excellent homogeneity. With this book in your lab. your cytometer will be happy!

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