A comprehensive study of the thoracic neurones of fifth instar and immature adults of the locust, Schistocerca gregaria Forsk., and of adults of the water-bug, Laccotrepkes rubra Fabr., has been made by employing the latest cytological techniques and phasecontrast microscopy. The mitochondria are seen as granules stainable in life with Janus green. Alignment of granules into filamentous mitochondria has also been observed in fixed preparations. The Golgi bodies (lipochondria of Shafiq) are sudanophil, osmiophil, and argentophil spheroids. The bigger spheroids show a duplex structure. There is a chromophil, cortical, lipid component, which may be in the form of a complete ring (Schistocerca) or in the form of one or two granules or a crescent (Laccotrephes), and a chromophobe medulla stainable with the basic dyes, neutral red and methylene blue. The smaller Golgi bodies in Schistocerca show a homogeneous structure. The Golgi bodies have not been observed to be engaged in any secretory activity. Neurofibrillae have been observed in the neurones of the insects studied.

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