1. The cells described contain two types of granule. One type colours with Bowie's technique, the other is Bowie-negative.

2. Both types of granule are Altmann-positive.

3. Neither type of granule is preceded by a PAS-positive granule during development.

4. The Bowie-positive granules are discharged after eating and after injection of pilocarpine or histamine.

5. There is no evidence that any of the Bowie-negative granules are discharged.

6. The cytoplasm in the cells is rich in RNA, but this is absent from the granules.

7. No intracellular canals are seen in the cells.

8. An infranuclear Golgi network is present after 3 days' starvation. After feeding it changes its form and position and may become paranuclear. After injection of histamine or pilocarpine similar though more marked changes occur and the network in a few cells assumes a supranuclear position.

9. A line of granules that colour densely with Sudan black in a sudanophil ‘lake’ is present at the luminal border of the cells. It has not yet been possible to decide on their exact nature.

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