1. The structure of the pituitary of the adult skate is described.

2. This gland shows two distinct regions of growth which can be correlated with increase of size of the animal.

3. The pars anterior can be subdivided into three regions differing by the staining reactions of their constituent cells: (a) an anterior region where deep-purple chromaphil cells are found; (b) a middle, where they are faintly basiphil; and (c) a posterior, where they are mainly acidophil.

4. It is suggested that these regions are homologous with the pars tuberalis, basiphil, and oxyphil areas respectively of the pars anterior of the mammalian pituitary.

5. The oxyphil cells show an iodine-leucobase reaction similar to that given by the oxyphil cells of the ox pituitary.

6. The ventral lobe is a completely separate structure from the pars intermedia, although it may run along the ventral surface of the latter for some distance.

7. The histology of the neuro-intermediate lobe is described.

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