A specific antiserum to rabbit bone collagenase was raised in a sheep and shown to react with collagenase from several mammalian species. This antiserum was used to demonstrate that only active collagenase binds to and can be immunolocalized on collagen fibrils and, by indirect immunofluorescence, the secretion of latent collagenase by stimulated rabbit chondrocytes and cells of the post-partum involuting rabbit uterus. The ionophore monensin was used to demonstrate intracellular accumulation of collagenase in the Golgi apparatus of both stimulated chondrocytes and involuting uterine cells. Collagenase was not detectable in either normal cartilage or non-gravid uterus. These results are discussed in relation to other studies of collagenase immunolocalization reported in the literature.

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