There are issues in Fig. 6B in J. Cell Sci. (2006) 119, 1517-1527 (doi:10.1242/jcs.02868).

There is a splice between lanes 2 and 3 of the IP α-GFP blots, and possible duplication of lanes 1 and 3 in the IP α-GFP pol δ blots. The authors have provided the original blot for the Ig bands and PCNA, which shows that empty lanes were removed between lanes 2 and 3. The authors no longer have the original data for the pol δ blots but have provided blots of a similar experiment to support the validity of those results, and state that the conclusions of the paper are not affected. These additional data are available from the authors upon reasonable request.

This paper was published before the journal's official policy on splicing was introduced. However, without the original IP α-GFP pol δ data, it is difficult to determine how the issues in these lanes arose, so the journal is publishing this note to alert readers to our concerns.