Bravo Caveman!

I really enjoyed this one (JCS 114, pp. 1969-1970). Of the “polite” comments I especially liked: “My point was that reviewers should stick to a scholarly critique of the science, as they would expect from the review of their own work.” From the flow of antagonism, I could see the indigestion caused by the owl was pouring inspiration into the poison quill. Almost worth sacrificing an owl for my next rebuttal letter.

It would be great if you could attend one of our `editor barbecues' when the snow melts. You may have noticed that the new editors are getting progressively more tender in age, making these events increasingly popular,

All the best,

Alpine Cave Dweller (Vic Small)

P.S. One of the cave post-dogs came out with the wonderful idea to use `expert' as a cave swearword. Since then it has become standard cave chat.