Germany. — Archiv f. Mikroskopische Anatomie. II, Heft. 4.—1. The first paper in this number of Schultze’s ‘Archiv’ is by Dr. C. Kupffer, “On the Development of the Embryo in the Genus Chironomus. Adverting to the observations of Weismann* “On the Development of the Dipterous Ovum,” and to Mecznikow’s “Researches on the Embryology of the Hemiptera,” the author states that his own observations up to a certain point agree altogether with those of the former writer, and with those of the latter to a great extent, although at the same time they tend to show, when compared with Meckznikow’s statements, that there is probably a considerable difference between the möde of origination of the so-termed “folded layer” (Faltenblatt) in the Diptera and Hemiptera. Dr. Kupffer’s observations have satisfied him that no rupture of the germinal membrane takes place, and consequently that the rotation of the contents of the ovum around the long axis cannot, as formerly supposed by Weismann and others, be due to such a rupture.

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