With Plate XXXII.

In one of last year’s journals11 called attention to the presence of the corpuscles of Pacini or Vater in great numbers in the pancreas of the cat and in the lymphatic mesenteric glands of the same animal. To that note I desire to add the following facts :

Thyroid gland of the kitten.My attention was called by Mr. Pettifer to some sections of the thyroid gland of a kitten, which contained several well-marked examples of the corpuscle in question. They appeared to me, although situated in the very midst of the gland, to be connected with the connective-tissue framework rather than with the gland tissue proper. Their structure was very distinctly seen, and their size was large. I am unaware of any previous notice of Pacinian corpuscles having been found in this locality.

Pancreas of dog.In my former note...

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