During the last two years the morphology of the Echinoderms has engaged the attention of several continental naturalists. Some of their observations tend to support views which I have advanced in the pages of this Journal, while others are directly opposed to them. Under the latter head come the researches of the French school into the anatomical relations of the vascular system; and it is curious that the conclusions to which Messrs. Jourdain, Koehler, Apostolides, Perrier, and Poirier have been led differ in toto from those of the German school as represented by Greeff, Hoffmann, Lange, Simroth, Teuscher, and especially by Ludwig. These last have been sufficiently described in a previous number of this Journal (vol. xxi). It is hardly time as yet to give a résumé of the observations of the French school, but one or two of their principal conclusions may be briefly alluded to.

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