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The observations here recorded were begun some years ago by the advice and with the. supervision of Professor Lankester in the Botanical Gardens at Oxford, and by his kindness in supplying me with specimens and the use of the Zootomical Laboratories of University College, London, I have been enabled to verify and extend them.

The epidermis of the various Cyclostomes has been the object of researches by several different observers, but the most exhaustive account is contained in a paper by M. Alexandre Fœttinger, which appeared in March, 1876, in the ‘Bull, de l’Academie royale de Belgique,’ 2me série, Ix, No. 3. This thesis embodies the results of former writers, and gives a very complete account of the epidermis as seen in Petromyzon fimiatilis and P, planeri and the larval condition of Ammocœte. And since this description will serve us as a standard of comparison for the...

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