I Have, on the present occasion, to draw attention to a very minute organism, but which, indeed, so far as I can see, I can scarcely allude to as a new species ; for I conceive that it has been more than once previously described, but I think I shall be able to render it probable that it has been so under an erroneous designation. Of course, the truth of this assumption depends on my being right as to the identity of my plant with that of the authors alluded to, as well as upon my own proper appreciation of its characteristics and the correctness’ of my own conclusions in regard to them. I shall now, however, give the characters of the plant according to my own view, adopting, in doing so, the same mode that I have done in other species, reserving the reasons why I venture to differ from those who have previously described what, as I before stated, I conceive to be one and the same organism, for the paragraph which I, as previously, head “Affinities and differences.”

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