Synedra Normaniana, n. sp., Grev.—Valve linear-clubshaped, with side view unequally curved, attenuated towards each obtuse extremity ; maximum of breadth at about one third of the length from the upper end; striæ very fine. Length ·0060” to ·0193”. (Pl. X, figs. 1—3.)

Campylostylus striatus, Shadbolt, MS.

Hab. On mahogany logs imported from Honduras; G. Shadbolt, Esq. On mahogany logs from the same country ; George Norman, Esq.

This most singular diatom resembles a long, curved club in shape, the line of the curve being somewhat modified by the length of the frustule. In the small variety (fig. 3) it was aptly compared by Mr. Norman to the bill of the common curlew. The valve is nearly linear for about a third of its length from the base, when it begins to widen, rapidly in the small variety, more gradually in the longer one. The greatest breadth in...

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