Was wird aus der Schwamfaden der Antheridien ? Dr. Hartig has devoted a section of his essay on the development of the vegetable cell, now in course of publication in the ‘Botanische Zeitung,’ to a consideration of the above question, and the results he has arrived at are highly curious and interesting. Should further investigation lead to a confirmation of Dr. Hartig’s views, the consequence will be that several genera of the Infusoria must be transferred to the vegetable kingdom. Dr. Cohn’s lately-published observations, will have already prepared the minds of the friends of the Infusoria for such a result, and will cause the blow aimed by Dr. Hartig at the animal nature of some of Professor Ehrenberg’s favourites to be less keenly felt. In the following pages we purpose giving the substance of Dr. Hartig’s paper, which is of great interest to microscopical observers ; the experiments are such as may be repeated without difficulty.

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