TIM22 pathway cargos are essential for sustaining mitochondrial homeostasis as an excess of these proteins leads to proteostatic stress and cell death. Yme1 is an inner membrane metalloprotease that regulates protein quality control with chaperone-like and proteolytic activities. Although the mitochondrial translocase and protease machinery are critical for organelle health, their functional association remains unexplored. The present study unravels a novel genetic connection between the TIM22 complex and YME1 machinery in Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is required for maintaining mitochondrial health. Our genetic analyses indicate that impairment in the TIM22 complex rescues the respiratory growth defects of cells without Yme1. Furthermore, Yme1 is essential for the stability of the TIM22 complex and regulates the proteostasis of TIM22 pathway substrates. Moreover, impairment in the TIM22 complex suppressed the mitochondrial structural and functional defects of Yme1-devoid cells. In summary, excessive levels of TIM22 pathway substrates could be one of the reasons for respiratory growth defects of cells lacking Yme1, and compromising the TIM22 complex can compensate for the imbalance in mitochondrial proteostasis caused by the loss of Yme1.

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