Christine Faulkner pursued her undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney, Australia. She then joined Robyn Overall's research group at the same institution to obtain her PhD in molecular and cell biology, where she characterised plasmodesmata, which are connection channels between plant cells that allow for communication and molecule transport. In 2005, Christine moved to the UK to continue studying plasmodesmata characterisation and function, as well as trying to understand their link to infection outcomes. Her first postdoctoral position was with Karl Oparka at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a second at the John Innes Centre in Norwich with Professor Andrew Maule. She subsequently joined the lab of Silke Robatzek at The Sainsbury Laboratory, also in Norwich, before starting an independent fellowship at Oxford Brookes University, in Oxford, in 2012. In December 2013, Christine returned to the John Innes Centre to establish her own lab. In 2016, she was awarded an ERC Consolidator grant. Her lab is trying to understand how cell–cell communication occurs in plants, focusing on plasmodesmata, and how this process is crucial for regulation of the plant immune response.

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