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Summary: Philanthropists and scientists share many common interests, and yet they are not familiar with each other's ways of thinking. This Editorial highlights how to improve their mutual understanding to advance research and life sciences.


Summary: This paper reviews recent data on Diamond Blackfan anemia and discusses them in connection with other ribosomopathies.


Editor’s Choice: WHS is associated with sensorineural deafness. Here, the authors show that, although cochlear hair cells are specified normally in a WHS mouse model, they are disorganised and display sterocilia defects.

Summary: This study provides clinical and experimental evidence for the different roles played by excess calorie intake in the development of NAFLD and fibrosis; these diseases are dependent on age and reproductive status.

Summary: This research demonstrates that dysregulation of signaling pathways is a very early event in the pathogenesis of Huntington disease and that these pathways are already dysregulated in cells at the stage of pluripotency.

Summary: The activation of mTOR signaling is both necessary and sufficient to alleviate the decreases in protein synthesis and muscle mass that occur during immobilization.

Summary: We developed a model to study the dynamics of atherosclerotic plaque growth and stability following surgery, and show that IL-6 inhibition and statins beneficially affect plaque volume and complexity.

Summary: These findings demonstrate that Fos is a direct target of miR-146a activity and that downregulation of the Fos–AP-1 pathway by miR-146a can inhibit MMP-9 activity.

Summary: HIF1α deficiency reduces inflammation in the mouse proximal colon but is associated with defective E-cadherin expression in colon epithelial cells when mice lacking intestinal epithelium expression of Hif1α are challenged with sulindac.

Summary: Targeting both β3-integrin and neuropilin-1 prevents anti-angiogenic treatment escape.

Summary: Analysis of SAFB2−/− mice reveals lack of redundancy between the closely related paralogs SAFB1 and SAFB2, and a role for SAFB2 in the male reproductive system, specifically in Sertoli cells.

Summary: This article describes newly identified intricacies for the TGFβ-ALK5 signalling axis in experimental lung fibrosis and reports different outcomes in response to ALK5 inhibition depending on the presence of viral infection. These findings raise important considerations for the future targeting of TGFβ signalling responses in the context of pulmonary fibrosis.

Summary: Molecular biomarkers of tuberculosis are identified and used to classify disease status of Diversity Outbred mice that have been infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


Summary: We generated two mouse strains expressing Cre-ERT2 under Flp-FRT regulation. These tools enable sequential mutagenesis in the same or different cells to study development, tissue homeostasis and diseases such as cancer.


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