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Research Highlights

Journal Club

Summary and comment on a Research Report in this issue of Disease Models & Mechanisms entitled ‘The inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) susceptibility genes NOD1 and NOD2 have conserved anti-bacterial roles in zebrafish’ (Oehlers et al., 2011).

Summary and comment on a recent Cell paper entitled ‘Gaucher disease glucocerebrosidase and α-synuclein form a bidirectional pathogenic loop in synucleinopathies’ (Mazzulli et al., 2011).

A Model For Life

Karen Steel has dedicated her career to unravelling the many mechanisms underlying deafness using mouse genetics. In this interview, she explains how this area has engaged her attention since the first day she began her PhD, and discusses the power of mouse genetics programmes for advancing all areas of biomedical research.

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