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Summary: Studies on bone marrow cell administration in animal models of hind limb ischemia demonstrate improved limb perfusion. Meta-analysis of these studies indicates that the certainty of the evidence is low, limiting applicability to clinical practice.

Summary: Muscle-specific knockout of glucocorticoid receptor (GR) in a Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) mouse model shows that physiological GR exerts a protective role in DMD, contrasting its degenerative role in other diseases.

Summary: Mutation of the ROCK1 caspase cleavage site to prevent proteolysis and hyperactivation during apoptotic cell death increased macrophage recruitment to the bone marrow and prolonged survival of Eµ-Myc lymphoma mice.

Summary: In a mouse model of cerebellar dystonia, parvalbumin interneurons were activated and the basal ganglia circuitry was altered, indicating the involvement of the cortico-basal ganglia–thalamo-cortical circuit in cerebellar dystonia.


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