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Summary:In vitro models of ACM provide insights into the molecular mechanisms of this disease. This reappraisal offers a comprehensive vision of past discoveries and constitutes a tool for future research.


Editors' choice: The brain-penetrant BDNF loop domain mimetic LM22A-4 improves synaptic plasticity and spatial discrimination memory in Rett syndrome mice, making it a promising therapeutic candidate for the treatment of hippocampal dysfunction.

Summary: Imaging of neuroinvasion in zebrafish shows that chikungunya virus first infects the blood-brain barrier, whereas Sindbis virus relies on axonal transport.

Summary:C9orf72-linked motor neuron disease models with viral-mediated expression of GGGGCC repeat expansion in mice show neuropathology and behavioural deficits.

Summary: A cloned porcine disease model to advance topical treatment in the debilitating skin disorder psoriasis.

Summary: Comprehensive proteomic profiling of protein expression, synthesis and ubiquitination during skeletal muscle atrophy reveals that complex regulatory networks are activated during muscle wasting.

Summary: Interaction of Dictyostelium tripeptidyl peptidase 1 with GPHR could be relevant for studies of the human enzyme, which is associated with a neurodegenerative disorder.


Summary: Described is the first targeting of an invertible gene trap to generate a conditional Prdm16 mouse allele and its use to assess phenotypic consequences of Prdm16 loss during craniofacial and brain development.

Summary: Microfluidics, live imaging and systems biology techniques are combined to develop a new approach for the functional analysis of sequence variants in the highly conserved Ras signaling pathway.

Summary: An alternative surgical approach following middle cerebral artery occlusion, which allows reperfusion through the common carotid artery, decreases the variability in lesion volume seen within groups and reduces the number of animals required to detect a treatment effect.

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