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Summary: Here, Albritton and Miller discuss recent 3D bioprinting advances that can be used to produce heterogeneous tumor microenvironments for improved physical modeling of cancer metastasis.


Editors' choice: A new brain tumour model in zebrafish allows simultaneous analysis of malignant tumours and heterotopias, suggesting that both lesions originate from similar events, with Yap1 as a driving force in tumour development.

Summary:In utero exposure to ethanol causes defects in optic nerve formation by interfering with Shh signaling activity in the growth and differentiation of retinal progenitor cells in the developing mouse eye.

Summary: New insights are provided into the role of hedgehog signaling in maintaining prostate smooth muscle and place hedgehog as a candidate pathway of therapeutic value for treating individuals with prostate cancer.

Summary:Slc33a1wt/mut knock-in mice with a S113R mutation and exhibiting hereditary spastic paraplegia-related phenotypes show that SLC33A1 negatively regulates BMP signaling and axonal regeneration.


Summary: Standardization of zebrafish echocardiography provides insights into cardiac physiology in normal and diseased states, with application for functional studies in zebrafish models of heart disease.

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