Dissecting aneuploidy phenotypes by constructing Sc2.0 chromosome VII and SCRaMbLEing synthetic disomic yeast by Yue Shen et al.

Disomic yeast cells find relief from the stress of too much DNA by scrambling up the additional chromosome

Selected by Grace Heredge Thomas. Read the preLight here.

Microbiota colonization tunes the antigen threshold of microbiota-specific T cell activation in the gut by Daniel Hoces et al.

The colonization status of the microbiota influences the antigen activation threshold of T-cells toward incoming bacteria in the gut.

Selected by Hervé Besançon. Read the preLight here.

Rnf20 shapes the endothelial control of heart morphogenesis and function by Linda Kessler et al.

Cellular Crosstalk: How Rnf20 communicates across cell types during cardiac development

Selected by Emma Armitage. Read the preLight here.

Anxiety-like behaviors in mice unmasked: Revealing sex differences in anxiety using a novel light-heat conflict test by Sydney E. Lee et al.

The first steps in developing a novel anxiety-like behavior test in mice.

Selected by Nándor Lipták. Read the preLight here.

Disrupting cellular memory to overcome drug resistance by Guillaume Harmange et al.

Predicting the future of drug naïve tumor cells by looking at their past.

Selected by Nate Mullin. Read the preLight here.

Enveloped viruses show increased propensity to cross-species transmission and zoonosis by Ana Valero-Rello, Rafael Sanjuán

What helps certain viruses ‘jump’ to new host species? Bioinformatic analyses reveal that their packaging material i.e. membranes, may be critical

Selected by Angika Basant. Read the preLight here.

An intestinal sphingolipid promotes neuronal health across generations by Wenyue Wang et al.

You are what your mother eats – ursolic acid intake protects progeny from neurodegeneration.

Selected by Chee Kiang Ewe. Read the preLight here.

Antimalarials in mosquitoes overcome Anopheles and Plasmodium resistance to malaria control strategies by Douglas G. et al.

Fighting against the resistance to malaria control strategies by using antimalarials in mosquitoes

Selected by Nassif Seni and Helen Robertson. Read the preLight here.