Smad3 Regulates Smooth Muscle Cell Fate and Governs Adverse Remodeling and Calcification of Atherosclerotic Plaque by Paul Cheng et al.

Mismade blood vessels – SMAD3 deletion in atherosclerotic mice alters blood vessel and plaque structures, calcification and inflammation.

Selected by Debbie Ho. Read the preLight here.

ALC1 links chromatin accessibility to PARP inhibitor response in homologous recombination deficient cells by Priyanka Verma et al.

The chromatin remodeler ALC1 contributes to PARPi toxicity in BRCA-deficient cancer cells.

Selected by Giuseppina D'Alessandro. Read the preLight here.

Design of smart antibody mimetics with photosensitive switches by Lian He et al.

Shining light on immunology's dark corners: researchers design antibody mimetics with photosensitive switches.

Selected by Zhang-He Goh. Read the preLight here.

Response to thermal and infection stresses in an American vector of visceral leishmaniasis by Kelsilandia A. Martins et al.

Leishmania: What happens when an insect ingests a big warm blood meal?

Selected by Mariana De Niz. Read the preLight here.

Integrative Brain Transcriptome Analysis Links Complement Component 4 and HSPA2 to the APOE ε2 Protective Effect in Alzheimer Disease by Rebecca Panitch et al.

'Complement'ing APOE ε2 in Alzheimer's protection: A meta-analysis of differentially expressed genes in humans.

Selected by Theresa Pohlkamp. Read the preLight here.

The impact of biological sex on alternative splicing by Guy Karlebach et al.

When sex meets splicing.

Selected by Jennifer Ann Black. Read the preLight here.

Systematic functional analysis of Leishmania protein kinases identifies regulators of differentiation or survival by Baker N. et al.

Insights into Leishmania differentiation and survival.

Selected by Mariana De Niz. Read the preLight here.

Temporal changes in plasma membrane lipid content induce endocytosis to regulate developmental epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by Michael L. Piacentino et al.

Preparing to launch: changes in membrane lipid composition contribute to initiate epithelial-mesenchymal transition in neural crest cells.

Selected by Glò Casas Gimeno. Read the preLight here.

Endothelial cell invasiveness is controlled by myosin IIA-dependent inhibition of Arp2/3 activity by Ana M. Figueiredo et al.

Exploring mechanisms of endothelial cell invasive behaviour.

Selected by Mariana De Niz. Read the preLight here.

The mutational landscape of human somatic and germline cells by Luiza Moore et al.

Through the looking glass: examining mutation rate in normal human tissues.

Selected by Kerryn Elliott. Read the preLight here.

Modelling disease transmission from touchscreen user interfaces by Andrew Di Battista et al.

A modern worry: disease transmission and touchscreen user interfaces.

Selected by Mariana De Niz. Read the preLight here.

Downstream of gasdermin D cleavage, a Ragulator-Rag-mTORC1 pathway promotes pore formation and pyroptosis by Charles L. Evavold et al.

“Ragulating” Cell Death – New modifiers of gasdermin pore formation.

Selected by Connor Rosen. Read the preLight here.

A zebrafish model for COVID-19 recapitulates olfactory and cardiovascular pathophysiologies caused by SARS-CoV-2 by Aurora Kraus et al.

Zebrafish- a low cost, high-throughput choice to study COVID-19-related cardiac and olfactory pathology.

Selected by Mariana De Niz. Read the preLight here.