Rab11b-mediated integrin recycling promotes brain metastatic adaptation and outgrowthby Howe et al.

How do breast cancer cells adapt to the brain microenvironment during metastasis? This recent preprint provides new insights into the role of Rab11b-mediated endosomal recycling.

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Injury stimulates stem cells to resist radiation-induced apoptosisby Shiroor et al.

Ouch! Injury protects planarian stem cell populations from radiation-induced death.

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Molecular and cellular determinants of motor asymmetry in zebrafishby Horstick et al.

Why are we not naturally ambidextrous? - Horstick et al. investigate the causes underlying motor asymmetry.

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Pulmonary natural killer cells control neutrophil intravascular motility and response to acute inflammationby Secklehner et al.

Peering into the lung: NK cells control neutrophil motility and response to infection.

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On-demand, cell-free biomanufacturing of conjugate vaccines at the point-of-careby Stark et al.

Vaccines on-demand: moving vaccine production to the point-of-care.

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TGFβ restricts T cell function and bacterial control within the tuberculous granulomaby Gern et al.

TGF-β: the ugly black duckling that hampers local T cell function in tuberculosis.

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Elucidating the molecular determinants of Aβ aggregation with deep mutational scanningby Gray et al.

Deep mutational scanning reveals the relationships between sequence, structure, and aggregation of the amyloid beta peptide important for the development of Alzheimer's disease.

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Identification of a master regulator of differentiation in Toxoplasmaby Waldman et al.

This preprint uncovers a new master regulator of differentiation in Toxoplasma, and provides key findings in understanding how these parasites establish chronic infections.

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Aequorea victoria's secretsby Lambert et al.

‘Far beyond your average(Av)GFP - Aequorea victoria's secret fluorophores revealed’. The Shaner Lab uncovers several new fluorophores from A. victoria and A. australis - including the brightest GFP homolog yet!

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NEUROD2 represses Reelin expression and controls dendrite orientation during cortical radial migrationby Guzelsoy et al.

NeuroD2 ON = Reelin OFF? A recent preprint gives insight into the role of the transcription factor NeuroD2 in cortical layer formation: NeuroD2 represses Reelin expression in radially migrating cortical neurons.

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The effect of bioRxiv preprints on citations and altmetricsby Fraser et al.

Get cited! Further #PowerToThePreprint: Preprints offer more advantages than just early access.

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