Active behaviour during early development shapes glucocorticoid reactivityby Castillo-Ramírez et al.

Establishing developing zebrafish as a model system to study how early-life stress modulates stress axis function and stress responses later in life.

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Oncogenic hijacking of a developmental transcription factor evokes therapeutic vulnerability for ROS-induction in Ewing sarcomaby Aruna Marchetto et al.

Oncogenic activation of the SOX6 developmental transcription program drives Ewing Sarcoma, but exposes its ROS-sensitive and druggable Achille's heel.

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In vivo glucose imaging in multiple model organisms with an engineered single-wavelength sensorby Keller et al

How to visualize glucose concentrations in vivo: the Looger lab has engineered a new family of single-wavelength glucose sensors to unravel the biology of glucose in models such as tissue culture, Drosophila and zebrafish.

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Slide-seq: A Scalable Technology for Measuring Genome-Wide Expression at High Spatial Resolutionby Rodriques et al.


High-density spatial transcriptomics arrays for in situ tissue profilingby Vickovic et al.

No Atlas without a Map: spatially resolving single cell transcriptomes in tissues using barcoded ‘addresses’ on beads.

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Mutations in the Insulator Protein Suppressor of Hairy Wing Induce Genome Instabilityby Hsu et al.

Arrested oogenesis, eggshell patterning defects, and DNA damage accumulation by replication stress, oh my! Drosophila's Suppressor of Hairy Wing shows that insulator proteins are not just for transcription anymore.

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Crowdfunded whole-genome sequencing of the celebrity cat Lil BUB identifies causal mutations for her osteopetrosis and polydactylyby Bridavsky et al.

What are the chances to suffer from more than one rare disease at the same time? The celebrity cat Lil BUB had its genome sequenced to be precisely diagnosed with the two rare mutations responsible for her unique phenotype.

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Over-activation of BMP signaling in neural crest cells precipitates heart outflow tract septationby Darrigrand et al.

How to divide the aorta and the pulmonary artery? 3D microscopy and single-cell analyses help to explain the role of BMP and neural crest cells as the keys to outflow tract septation in mammals.

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Human DNA-PK activates a STING-independent DNA sensing pathwayby Burleigh et al.

Taking the STING out of sensing cytosolic DNA: A new pathway in humans mediated by the protein DNA-PK.

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The life of P.I. Transitions to Independence in Academiaby Acton et al.

Young PIs in the UK are resilient despite pressure on work-life balance and uncertainty about career perspectives.

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