Basal extrusion drives cell invasion and mechanical stripping of E-cadherinby Fadul et al.

Kicking out oncogenic cells may promote the spread of tumours.

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Proteomic Studies Reveal Disrupted in Schizophrenia 1 as a Key Regulator Unifying Neurodevelopment and Synaptic Functionby Ramos et al.

One DISC to rule them all: DISC1 is a central regulator in a network of proteins involved in neurodevelopment and its disruption could segregate with risk of mental diseases.

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Reduced mitochondrial lipid oxidation leads to fat accumulation in myosteatosisby Gumucio et al.

Why do lipids accumulate following muscle injury? A multi-omics study points to mitochondrial and lipid metabolism dysfunction.

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A non-canonical arm of UPRER mediates longevity through ER remodeling and lipophagyby Daniele et al.

A neuronal stress response mediates longevity via cross-tissue signalling and upregulation of lipophagy.

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Disrupting Transcriptional Feedback Yields an Escape-Resistant Antiviralby Chaturvedi et al.

Dr. Weinberger and colleagues create a new anti-viral drug modality that uses a 28 base pair piece of DNA to have the virus reduce its own progression without any sign of resistance.

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Stable knockout and complementation of receptor expression using in vitro cell line derived reticulocytes for dissection of host malaria invasion requirementsby Satchwell et al.

CRISPR meets red blood cells – a new model system to illuminate the roles of host proteins in malaria parasite invasion.

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Unlimited genetic switches for cell-type specific manipulationby Garcia-Marques et al.

CaSSA: a new versatile system for intersectional gene expression enabling cell-type specific manipulations in vivo.

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